The Austrian Trade Commissions provide assistance in promoting trade and mutual cooperation between Austria, Italy, Malta, Albania, the Holy See and San Marino. For over 50 years we have been the official representative of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber this region offering our services to both local companies, institutions and individuals and Austrians.

There are three Austrian Trade Commissions in Italy: Rome, Milan and Padova. I fyou wish to visit our offices click on the following links: Rome, Milan, Padova. 

Our site contains information on business opportunities in Italian language comprising offers and inquiries of goods and services from Austria, as well as an on-line bulletin with information on Austrian companies looking for agents, importers, distributors and other kinds of business cooperation. Should you wish to be included in the mailing list to obtain the printed version of the bimonthly commercial bulletin in Italian language published by the office in Padova you are requested to send an email indicating the name and address of your company.

Please contact the Trade Commission nearest you with any questions you may have concerning Austria and Austrian companies.

All inquiries concerning Malta, Albania and the Holy See should be directed to the office in Rome via e-mail or fax.

Inquiries concerning San Marino should be directed to the office in Milan via e-mail or fax. We look forward to hearing from you.




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